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Discover the great outdoors: Join us on an unforgettable hiking adventure!
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Everest Base Camp from Kalapattar
70,000 59,000
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Kashmir Great Lake Trek
19,500 17,999
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Tarsar Marsar Trek
16,800 14,500
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Nafran Valley - supertrekkers.in
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Har Ki Dun
12,499 9,500
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8% Off
Kashmir Great Lake Trek
19,500 17,999
28% Off
8,999 6,499
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Kalsubai Trek - Temple
1,800 1,600
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friendship peak
45,000 35,000
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Everest Base Camp from Kalapattar
70,000 59,000
14% Off
69,000 59,000
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An Unforgettable Everest Adventure with Super Trekkers

We had an unforgettable experience on the Everest Base Camp trek, thanks to Super Trekkers. From the start, their team was professional and supportive. The training sessions they provided were essential in preparing us for the trek. Special thanks to the trek leaders for their guidance and support throughout. Super Trekkers made our adventure safe and memorable. I highly recommend them for any adventure enthusiasts!

Arvind Sinde

Wonderful trek experience – Harishchandragad

I have been to Harishchandragad 2 times already but this time it was mesmerizing and amazing experience. Well planned trek and team leader took great care of all. Food was spicy and amazing. Trek was a bit tough and we got scared couple of times but with Yogesh by our side we confidently moved ahead. Just wonderful and amazing trek. Thank you SuperTrekers!!

Parth Acharya
Parth Acharya

Unforgettable Adventure: Harishchandragad Trek

I had an unforgettable experience visiting HarishchandragadTrek. Climbing TaramatiPeak, night camping, and relishing excellent Pithla Bhakri for dinner made it truly memorable. Trek leader Yogesh sir was incredibly supportive, ensuring everyone enjoyed their time. A blast of an adventure, with the majestic Konkankada adding to the charm. Highly recommended!

Prithvi Tapre
Prithvi Tapre

Exceptional Everest Base Camp Experience with Super Trekkers

I recently completed the Everest Base Camp trek with Super Trekkers, and it was an absolutely life-changing experience! From the very beginning, Yogesh (Super Trekkers) and his team were incredibly supportive and professional. Yogesh (Super Trekkers) spent considerable time on the phone with me, explaining every detail and preparing me thoroughly for the journey. His expertise and encouragement were instrumental in making me feel ready for this adventure.

The trek itself was perfectly organized. From our arrival in Kathmandu to the final steps at Base Camp, every aspect was meticulously planned and executed. The guides were knowledgeable, attentive, and always ready to assist, ensuring we were comfortable and safe at all times. The breathtaking landscapes of the Khumbu Valley, the vibrant culture of Namche Bazaar, and the awe-inspiring views from Kala Patthar were beyond words.

The support and camaraderie of the team, combined with the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas, made this trek an unforgettable experience. I cannot recommend Super Trekkers highly enough for anyone considering an adventure of a lifetime. Thank you, Yogesh (Super Trekkers) and team, for making this dream come true!

Everest Base Camp Trekking: My Inspiring Journey to the Roof of the World
Hemant Bandawane

Having fun with everyone – EBC Trek

Our Everest Base Camp trek with Super Trekkers was a remarkable journey. Life simplified into a routine during our hiking days: waking up, eating, walking, more walking, tea house relaxation, dining, and planning for the next day. Advice to focus on the path ahead turned into a life lesson—no fixed goals, just moving forward.

Amidst the fresh mountain air, we met diverse individuals. Tales emerged: weather hindrances, Bollywood serenades by a New Yorker, card games with a London architect, and shared joy with a Romanian couple. ‘Dal-bhat power’ kept us going. Everest Base Camp became symbolic, and Kala Patthar had its tale.

An exhausting yet thrilling experience etched lasting memories, stories meant for sharing and cherishing. Here’s to trails that crafted unforgettable stories! Super Trekkers made this adventure seamless and unforgettable. Highly recommended!

Tushar Parikh
Tushar Parikh

Lifetime Accomplishment with Super Trekkers

Reaching Everest Base Camp was a lifetime achievement, made possible by the vibrant support of our 14-member group and our ever-motivating guides, Mr. Pasang and Mr. Mingma Sherpa, along with the dedicated porters. A special appreciation goes to our Team Leader, Mr. Yogesh Gupta of Super Trekkers, for meticulously organizing every aspect of our trip to ensure we had the best facilities available.

Super Trekkers, our tour operator, went above and beyond to make our trekking experience memorable by providing the best facilities possible in such remote locations. Their cooperation and resourcefulness were evident throughout the journey.

We had a wonderful time together, whether it was singing, playing dumb charades, or card games after our strenuous treks. These moments helped ease our tiredness and prepared us for the next day's challenges. The cohesiveness of our team kept our morale high, allowing us to push our limits and accomplish our goal of reaching EBC.

A heartfelt thanks to each member of our team for their contribution to this remarkable journey. Achieving our objective of reaching Everest Base Camp brought immense satisfaction to all of us.


Subrata Sanyal
Nepal Travel

Introducing Nepal Himalayan Treks.

We have teamed up with best travel service provider in Nepal to bring one of the best experience.

Siddhi Acharya
Siddhi Acharya
Awesome experience – Harishchandragad, Rajgadh and Sinhgadh I have been to Harishchandragad, Rajgadh and Sinhgadh already. It is always mesmerizing and amazing experience. Well planned trek and team leader took great care of all. Food was spicy and amazing. Yogesh sir by our side we confidently moved ahead in all treks. Just wonderful and amazing trek. Thank you SuperTrekkers and Yogesh sir!!
Parth Acharya
Parth Acharya
*Wonderful trek experience – Harishchandragad* I have been to Harishchandragad 3 times already but this time it was mesmerizing and amazing experience. Well planned trek and team leader took great care of all. Food was spicy and amazing. Trek was a bit tough and we got scared couple of times but with Yogesh by our side we confidently moved ahead. Just wonderful and amazing trek. Thank you SuperTrekers!!
Love trekking with Super trekkers. It's such an exhilarating experience to explore nature, Big Thank you to Yogesh, your support and shared moments makes the journey unforgettable. #ThankYou #SuperTrekkers
Amrit Moonka
Amrit Moonka
Super Trekkers is a great community for people who like trekking or want to start with it.
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