Journey to Everest Base Camp: A Triumph of Teamwork and Support

It was an accomplishment of lifetime. It would not have been possible without the vibrant support of all the 14 members of our Group and of course our ever-motivating Guides Mr. Pasang and Mr. Mingma Sherpa and the Porters.
We must appreciate the role of our Team Leader Mr. Yogesh Gupta of Super Trekker for organizing with each agency to have best facility for all of us during the entire Trip.

Super Trekkers, our Tour Operator also cooperated in every possible way to make our Trekking a memorable one by providing best facility from the limited available resources in remote location.

We had lovely time together (be it Signing, Dumb Charades or Card playing) after our hard and strenuous Trek which eased our tiredness and helped to prepare for next day’s trek. The cohesiveness of the Team kept our morale high, and we could challenge our endurance to accomplish our Goal of EBC at the end. It is a big satisfaction for all of us.

A big Thanks to each member of our team for successfully accomplishing our Objective to reach Everest Base Camp (EBC).

Subrata Sanyal

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