Upper Mustang Trek – 17 days | Cost and Itinerary

The Upper Mustang trek  takes you to the once forbidden kingdom of Himalaya, Lo Manthang. It takes you to one of the droughts yet alluring lands of Nepal. This less populated and moderate trek route to the Upper Mustang takes you through diverse climatic zones and awe-inspiring Tibetan culture. It is the best way to explore the northern part of the Annapurna region. Sitting over an altitude of 4,000 meters, witnessing the joy of the trekking in Upper Mustang is an actual adventure of Himalayas.

Upper Mustang location

Located between the Dalome village of Mustang and the autonomous region of Tibet, Upper Mustang is a pure gem of Himalaya. Its history dates back to the Lo dynasty of Tibet who first ruled this place. This once independent kingdom of Himalaya is closely attached with the language and culture of Tibet. 

Still, people here speak the Tibetan language and celebrate centuries-old festivals. The strategic location of the Upper Mustang granted control over the trade between India and the Himalayas. In 17 days Upper Mustang trek, you’ll witness the famous silk route was the trade route in the Himalayas from the 15th century to the 17th. Nepal took control of this land in the 18th century, and since 1995, it has become a part of Nepal’s map. Until Nepal became a Republic, the inherited rules from the Lo Dynasty survived for many centuries here. 

Trekking history in Upper Mustang

The trekking to Upper Mustang started in 1992 and became one of the most loved trekking destinations since. Yearly, around 800 travelers trek to Upper Mustang. It makes the 17 days Upper Mustang trek route a perfect place to avoid the crowd of trekkers.

On top, the few trekking in the Upper Mustang give you the rustic vibe of landscape. After all, trekking is a way to enjoy the undamaged culture, landscape, and scenic beauty. The beautiful mountains, colorful rocks, arid valleys, and sandy desert of upper Mustang never tire your eyes. The sightseeing around the 14th century built Lo Manthang gives you the ultimate viewing pleasure. 

Why Upper Mustang trek is best?

Great advantage to you for trekking in Upper Mustang for 17 days is that it lies in the rain shadow area of Himalaya. During monsoon, this place is even more suited for the cultural trek. Farmers during the monsoon get busier in their fields planting and harvesting. The wheat and buckwheat fields in Spring make Upper Mustang further appealing. You can also witness the warmth of traditional Tibetan culture in Upper Mustang throughout the trekking. 

Upper Mustang Trek - 17 days


Ever wondered what makes the Upper Mustang trek in the Himalayas a actual adventure? Countless reasons make this trekking worthy. Let’s dive in!

17 days Upper Mustang Trek
A beautiful village in 17 days upper mustang trek 

Your 17 days Upper Mustang trek begins with a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. Jomsom is the best place for trekking around the Annapurna region. You’ll walk along the shore of the Kali Gandaki river up to Kagbeni. At Kagbeni, you have to submit the ACAP and RAP permits to enter the restricted area of the Upper Mustang. Your tour guide will arrange everything for you. The 12 days long trek in Upper Mustang ascends through the high passes, gorges, and flatlands. Upon reaching Lo Manthang, you’ll stay a day for sightseeing and acclimatisation. Trekking back to Lo Gear and making a wish in a Gompa is a fashion among the trekkers. Throughout the trek, you’ll get an alluring view of Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri. You’ll stay overnight at Jomsom for proper rest before flying to Pokhara and to Kathmandu to mark the end of the Upper Mustang trek.

Short itinerary for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Day 1
– Arrival in Kathmandu and check in at the hotel.
Day 2 – Sightseeing around Kathmandu, briefings of trek and shopping.
Day 3 – Take a flight/drive for 6 hours from Kathmandu to Pokhara (827 metres). Overnight at Pokhara.
Day 4 – Fly to Jomsom (2,700 metres) from Pokhara. Trek for four-hour from Jomsom to Kagbeni (2,810 metres). Overnight at Kagbeni.
Day 5 – Trek to Chele (3,050 metres) from Kagbeni. Overnight at Chele.
Day 6 – Trek to Syanboche (3,475 metres) from Chele for 7 hours. Overnight at Syanboche.
Day 7 – Trek To Ghami (3,520 metres) from Syanboche for 6 hours. Overnight at Ghami.
Day 8 – Trek to Tsarang (3,620 metres) for 6 hours. Overnight at Tsarang.
Day 9 – Trek to Lo Manthang (3,780 metres) from Tsarang for 4 hours. Overnight at Lo Manthang.
Day 10 – Day for acclimatisation in Lo Manthang. Overnight at Lo Manthang.
Day 11 – Trek to Dhakmar (3,810 metres) from Lo Manthang Via Grkar route for 7 hours. Overnight at Drakmar.
Day 12 – Trek to Ghiling (3,570 metres) for 6 hours. Overnight at Ghiling.
Day 13 – Trek to Chuskang (2,950 metres) from Ghiling for 6 hours. Overnight in Chuskang.
Day 14 – Trek to Jomsom (2,700 metres) from Chuskang  for 7 hours. Overnight at Jomsom.
Day 15 – Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara. Overnight in Pokhara
Day 16 – Fly/Drive back from Pokhara to Kathmandu. End of your Upper Mustang trek.
Day 17 – Farewell

Highlights of 17 days Upper Mustang trek

  • Witness the history of Lo Manthang as you walk by the palace of King Lo in the upper Himalayas.
  • Trek to the sacred place Tibetan wall kingdom of Mustang.
  • Mustang lies in the rain shadow part of Nepal. So, trekking here will be comfortable during the monsoon too.
  • Taste the blend of roasted sheep and Chauri.
  • Experience the varied culture and tradition of Tibetan and Thakali communities.
  • Staggering view of Mt. Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri massifs from the most possible close quarters.
  • Trek through this rustic geography of caves, rocky cliffs, sandy desert of upper Himalaya, and some century-old Buddhist monasteries.
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