Our Teams

Shaveta Gupta
Owner/Managing Director
Yogesh Gupta - CEO Super Trekkers
Yogesh Gupta
Chief Operation Officer

Yogesh Gupta brings a wealth of expertise to our team, ensuring seamless operations across India and Nepal's diverse trekking routes. His commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach make him an exceptional leader, dedicated to curating enriching experiences. Under his guidance, Super Trekkers embarks on thrilling expeditions to breathtaking destinations, ensuring each member enjoys a safe and memorable journey. With an unparalleled understanding of trekking routes and a passion for the outdoors, Yogesh meticulously plans each adventure. His leadership skills and dedication to the group's success foster camaraderie, creating a community of passionate adventurers seeking unforgettable experiences.

Kedar Neupane
Chief Nepal Operation

Mr Kedar Neupane leading the Actual adventure ,Nepal. As a passionate adventurer and experienced. He established this company with vision to provide young leadership in the tourism industries. He worked as manager in different trekking company before establishing this company. Beside Business he is always concerted on Social activities. On 2012 he founded a social organization Himalayan Social foundation(HSF) under his leadership for helping a needy and helpless peoples in trekking trails and remote villages. He actively joins with Lions Club of International after massive earthquake on 25thApril 2015 and he charter a new club with name Lions club of Nepal Himalayaincluding 44 members on his leadership as charter President. He is founder and life members of TU-Lion Blood bankand he is also Life member of Bird conservation Nepal (BCN).

Mingma Sherpa
Mingma sherpa
Senior Trekking Guide

Mr. Mingma Sherpa stands as a seasoned professional in the realm of mountain guiding, boasting a career that spans over a decade since 2009. Holding a valid government license as a guide, Mingma embodies a friendly and supportive demeanor, readily offering his wealth of knowledge about the diverse trekking trails across Nepal's varied regions. His extensive experience has led several international trekking groups, ensuring their journeys are not just successful but also deeply memorable. Proficient in English, Mingma communicates fluently, imparting insights into the intricate tapestry of culture and history that embellish the trails. His kindness and sociable nature make him approachable, allowing for easy interaction and comprehensive explanations that enrich the trekking experience for all.

Pasang Sherpa
Senior Trekking Guide
Tashi Sherpa
Senior Trekking Guide
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