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Client testimonials

Journey to Everest Base Camp: A Triumph of Teamwork and Support


It was an accomplishment of lifetime. It would not have been possible without the vibrant support of all the 14 members of our Group and of course our ever-motivating Guides Mr. Pasang and Mr. Mingma Sherpa and the Porters.
We must appreciate the role of our Team Leader Mr. Yogesh Gupta of Super Trekker for organizing with each agency to have best facility for all of us during the entire Trip.

Super Trekkers, our Tour Operator also cooperated in every possible way to make our Trekking a memorable one by providing best facility from the limited available resources in remote location.

We had lovely time together (be it Signing, Dumb Charades or Card playing) after our hard and strenuous Trek which eased our tiredness and helped to prepare for next day’s trek. The cohesiveness of the Team kept our morale high, and we could challenge our endurance to accomplish our Goal of EBC at the end. It is a big satisfaction for all of us.

A big Thanks to each member of our team for successfully accomplishing our Objective to reach Everest Base Camp (EBC).

Subrata Sanyal

Unforgettable Adventure: Harishchandragad Trek

Prithvi Tapre

I had an unforgettable experience visiting HarishchandragadTrek. Climbing TaramatiPeak, night camping, and relishing excellent Pithla Bhakri for dinner made it truly memorable. Trek leader Yogesh sir was incredibly supportive, ensuring everyone enjoyed their time. A blast of an adventure, with the majestic Konkankada adding to the charm. Highly recommended!

Prithvi Tapre

Wonderful trek experience – Harishchandragad

I have been to Harishchandragad 2 times already but this time it was mesmerizing and amazing experience. Well planned trek and team leader took great care of all. Food was spicy and amazing. Trek was a bit tough and we got scared couple of times but with Yogesh by our side we confidently moved ahead. Just wonderful and amazing trek. Thank you SuperTrekers!!

Parth Acharya

Incredible Journey to Everest Base Camp Trek


Incredible Journey to Everest Base Camp Trek, Me and my Wife recently had the extraordinary opportunity to complete the Everest Base Camp trek, a journey that was made possible by the exceptional services of Super Trekkers. From start to finish, Super Trekkers provided an unparalleled experience that exceeded all expectations.

We are immensely grateful to Super Trekkers for turning a dream into reality and for the memories that will last a lifetime.
Our 20th anniversary was made special by Super Trekkers

Yogesh demonstrated remarkable professionalism and expertise throughout the entire trek. Yogesh from Super Trekkers taken us through heavy training prior to trek, also helped us to choose right gears for the trek.

Thanks to Super Trekkers, the trek to Everest Base Camp was an unforgettable journey filled with awe-inspiring moments and personal triumphs.
Their dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence made this challenging trek not only achievable but also incredibly rewarding.

If you’re considering an adventure to Everest Base Camp Trek, I wholeheartedly recommend Super Trekkers for an experience that is both professionally managed and profoundly enriching.

Arvind & Sunanda Shinde

Harishchandragad Overnight Trekking

Spectacular Views: The trek to Harishchandragad offered breathtaking panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountain range. Standing atop the second highest peak in Maharashtra, the scenery was simply awe-inspiring.

Challenging Yet Rewarding: The trek presented a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience. The steep ascents and rugged paths tested our endurance, making reaching the summit all the more fulfilling.

Natural Beauty: Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Western Ghats, the trek was a treat for the eyes and soul. The nature view from Taramati Peak Point and The Sun Set from Konkan Kada was awful and memorable.

Historical Marvels: Exploring the ancient temples, the Konkan Kada cliff, and the Konkan Darwaja (door) showcased the historical significance of Harishchandragad. It was fascinating to witness the architectural marvels amidst nature’s bounty.

Night Sky Delight: Spending the night camping under the starry sky was an unforgettable experience. The clear night offered a mesmerizing view of the stars and constellations, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Guidance and Expertise: The guidance provided by the trek leader, Yogesh Gupta (Super Trekkers) was invaluable. Their knowledge of the terrain, safety measures, and local history enhanced the trekking experience, making it both informative and safe.

Peaceful Serenity: The tranquility of Harishchandragad was unmatched. The serene environment away from the city chaos was a perfect escape, allowing for introspection and rejuvenation.

Unforgettable Memories: Overall, the trek to Harishchandragad was a blend of thrill, beauty, history, and camaraderie. It created unforgettable memories and left an indelible mark, making it a trek worth experiencing again and again.


Harishchandragad trek

The Trek was a two-day-journey. We took up this challenge thanks to my cousin , Parth & his wife Siddhi. Parth, Siddhi, their son Vivaan, my friend Arpit & I planned this Trek together. It was a first! Parth & his family, who had more experience, were very helpful to us throughout the Trek. We are VERY grateful to them for making this happen.

We started the Trek at Khireshwar Village. It took us about 4 hours to reach Harishchandragad. We camped the night at Harishchandragad, & next morning we trekked back to base. Phew! 17Kms! I can’t believe we did it!!! It was definitely very challenging, yet, what made the experience comforting was our guide Yogesh bhai’s super cool, helpful & friendly demeanor towards the Trekkers.

We were a group of about 10 to 12 people, ready to take the plunge. We drove down to the base. In fact, before reaching the base, we stopped at a food joint for breakfast. We had a very heavy breakfast. Tasting the speciality, the much talked about Street-Food of Pune, “Misal Pav” for the first time was an absolute delight! We filled our tummys well as the journey ahead was rather long.

After breakfast, we reached the base & Lo! Before we could process anything further, we had already started trekking! From the word “GoYogesh bhai was very encouraging, supportive & accommodating.
An hour into the climb, we had separated into small groups, each group moving at their pace. Yogesh bhai made sure we were all safe. He was well equipped with medical & other necessary supply. We moved in small batches.

On our way up, we took a break in thatched huts, refuelling/recharging ourselves with some fluids like lemonade & kokum juice. It was much needed & so refreshing. A bite of Amla & lemon candies from time to time kept us going. After 4 long hours, reaching the top was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING feeling!!!

Felt SO GOOD about our achievement.

All thanks to the wonderful team of Trekkers & a BIG THANKS to our guide, Yogesh bhai, for making us believe in ourselves.

From the car journey, to the climb, to all the food we ate, to the bonfire, to the night-camping experience EVERYTHING was JUST SO SO SO WONDERFUL & VERY WELL ORGANIZED! Definitely once is not enough…🙂

Arpit Senapati

Having fun with everyone – EBC

Tushar Parikh

Life simplified into routine during our hiking days: waking up, eating, walking, more walking, tea house relaxation, dining, and planning for the next day. Advice to focus on the path ahead turned into a life lesson—no fixed goals, just moving forward.

Amidst fresh mountain air, we met diverse individuals. Tales emerged: weather hindrances, Bollywood serenades by a New Yorker, card games with a London architect, and shared joy with a Romanian couple. ‘Dal-bhat power’ kept us going. Everest Base Camp became symbolic, Kala Patthar had its tale.

An exhausting yet thrilling experience etched lasting memories, stories meant for sharing and cherishing. Here’s to trails that crafted unforgettable stories!

Tushar Parikh
HSBC India
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