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, Hard
Rupin Pass Trek is a mesmerizing odyssey that transcends the ordinary. As you embark on this expedition, a symphony of nature unfolds, weaving together dense forests, meandering rivers, and snow-laden peaks. The very essence of the Rupin Pass Trek lies in its ability to challenge and enchant in equal measure, making it a pilgrimage for adventure seekers.
11% Off
₹25,000 ₹28,000
Next Departure May 31 Jun 01 Jun 02
, , 10 Days Hard
The Pin Parvati Pass isn't just about the destination; it's about the entire journey. From the pulley bridge at Tunda Bhuj to the marshlands of Mantalai, the hot springs at Kheerganga to the alpine meadows of Odi Thach, every step offers a new facet of this incredible trek.
16% Off
₹38,000 ₹45,000
Next Departure May 31 Jun 01 Jun 02
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